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Squawk Walkabout Act

two colourful walkabout tropical birds

Hosted by the legendary explorer Ms Bonny Voyage or Gentleman of Fortune Captain Jon Voyage, Squawk is a rumbustious, romping walkabout act exploring the Victorian fascination for collecting. Juxtaposing a forgotten tight-lipped Englishness, against the anarchic playful joy of two inquisitive tropical birds, in a vibrant rainbow of colour. Either the Captain or his Wife will be available to answer questions relating to the flora, fauna and topography of the bird’s natural habitat.

As with all our work the journey of the child is paramount, children move from curiosity to friendship as they help the birds explore their surroundings, marvel at their exotic beauty, or make their friendship felt by stepping forward for a bright and brilliant photo. Please remember, they won’t bite but they may decide on being friends forever!

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