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Curious United Sports Event

2 women on stilts having a kick-about with a football

A very simple premise but surprisingly effective. 2 women on stilts having a kickabout with a football.

This appeals to everyone; young and old, men and women and everyone in between. It seems to be instinctual to pass the ball back and before we know it, we are playing – and most importantly, connecting- with people.

There is nothing pretentious or theatrical about this walkabout, it really is just 2 people on stilts with a football, so it feels inclusive and accessible to audiences that might not be comfortable with something more elaborate. It really is very low-key, with a sprinkling of skill to make it impressive. We can be extremely gentle when small kids get involved or bust a move with the lads.

It also feels timely in response to the thrilling rise of women’s football.

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