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Before the ancient books were written, when the world was young, the forest still covered this island. Each spring the Maiden of Flowers drew back the veil of winter’s darkness, to dance in the sunlight of summer’s eternal promise and banish the winter from our shores. 

Join her and Bacchus the Fawn in a merry procession, as they revel in pleasure, ritual, festivity, and madness. Celebrate with them the bountiful return of warm and endless days. Stroke the Blossom Lion for luck and meet the very spirit of abundance, new life and celebration. Be certain to step forward for a photo with these magical characters and take in the wonder of a midsummer night’s dream.

Sprung from the Greco-Roman tradition of the procession as a festive celebration. Roar is conceived as a contemporary ritual for all, transforming the everyday into the extraordinary.

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